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Always Reach Higher

Check out-  BobParsons  I'm inspired by him- he's acting on his ideas in a lot of different sectors.  Very cool 

Thursday, May 28, 2020

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GoodwillFocused- Business Owner promoting pro-American values, real food & healthy families that talk to each other around the kitchen table.  American Youth are Brilliant!

Thank you for visiting my catalog of projects website.  I'm a technologist who loves nature and families.  My family values challenge me to set the highest standards. I try to live up to them and use the engineering skills I have acquired to share the goodness of the Lord and promote JOY in the digital space.  I have to give God all the GLORY because it's easy to share the natural beauty @Hilltop Farm USA.   I just point my camera & hit record.

I focus on healthy living and balance- that includes taking great care of our animals, our kids and our little homestead with my Honey of 24 years.  My encouragement to other Moms is to stay present. 

 iTreeware Projects

Through my personal channels and the iTreeware brand 'we' promote good will; advance wholesome education, encourage Mom's to Love their families well, inspire young adults to identify & realize their intellectual gifts, promote simple-wholesome living, promote chemical-free products and self care for mental health.  I think it's common sense.   Funny.  Did you know Chickens ❤️ Kale?   it's true.  Dogs really like Eggs🥚 

Utilizing Technology with Purpose. 

iTreeware Gives Back by Preparing.
I learned how to create software in the 90s using, most importantly, C to manipulate hardware pointers bit by bit.  I refined my reporting and computing skills over many years finally realizing Sr. Oracle Consultant. Over my career I created RESTful APIs in Java, consumed JSON packages and wrote front end code to create a beautiful user experience that creates user engagement and holds the users attention.  At present I am focusing on Hilltop Farm and learning Python/Docker/AWS/Kubernets to re-enter the technology space in Chicago. 

100% responsive. written in pure
HTML5, CSS3, jQuery
*zero div
1.) At  Tree created a purely HTML5 website.  Inspect the code- then search for 'div'.  There are no div tags in the entire code set.  This site is Tree's digital portfolio.  The content less impressive than the actual html5 code.  Take a look at all of this behavior without a single div tag!  
                • maintenance required: minimal
                • cost: $12/yr

not published
100% responsive. written  
in OJET(Oracle JavaScript
Extension Toolset) 2.0 re-written in Oracle JET (OJET)- JavaScript Extension Toolkit based on KnockoutJS, HTML5.   stylistically the clean, flat, white space dominant layout communicates key branding effectively without distraction.

Android native app
on Play Store

Search for TreeStrepek on the Play Store to download this native Android app written with Android Studio, tested with the Android simulator and published since 2016.  Scalable and performant.  

                • maintenance required: higher primarily because of the Google play store requirements 
                • Android cost: free
                • IOS cost: $99/ yr 

Google blogger redirected
to GoDaddy domain

2.) At catalog of Theresa (Tree) Strepek's projects.  Includes basic information about technology tools used to create each project. 

                • maintenance required: minimal
                • cost: $12/ yr.

Google blogger redirected 
to GoDaddy domain

This website is digital real estate owned by Theresa Strepek for the purpose of personal/ professional branding. 

                • maintenance required: minimal
                • cost: $12/ yr.

    4.) At 
Our homestead's primary storefront is pictured here with our 2021 products.  Pine Needle Tea had big global interest for detox tea in 2021.  The 1st year for the website. 
                • maintenance required: frequent.  inventory maintenance
                • cost: $36/ mo.  squarespace

🍃Tree Engages developer communities 
Google, Facebook, Amazon, Oracle, City of Chicago

AWS/ Flask/ AngularJS
AWS/ Flask/ AngularJS
🍃Tree was at The 1st Chicago Urban Sustainability Hackathon in Chicago which was focused on urban initiatives and breaking the bonds of poverty in Chicago's poorest neighborhoods.  Mayor Rahm Emmanuel challenged us and we answered.  Our team was lead by Ali Diab & Eve Tulbert who steered our vision to use a mobile app to bring community programs to students while not at school.  Our team focused on making an easy to navigate, gamified app to bring STEM students together with hands on experiential activities in select community environments coordinated through local zoo/ park/ museum programs. The educational idea was that teachable moments often happen outside the classroom and PlanetLab would make getting educational experiences into kids hands easy for Mom & Dad!  

I love the rapid software development process-  listening for process flows, data elements, developing rough UI sketches--> then translating that information into a database schema for the database design/  creating the code to actually create the database.  Initially we worked together as a lean team (Mia/Andy(frontend-AngularJS expert), Jeremy(frontend), Walt(backend python/flask expert), Theresa(frontend/edTech/analyst/ui design), Eve(project boards/visionary/coordinator), Ali(storyboards/design magic/digital artistry/graphic artist) at the 1st UrbanSustainability CleansWeb Hackathon Contest.  Our prototypes is python, flask, aws,  angularJS, html5, css,  Our 1st hackathon concept was talked through and illustrated by simple user engagement with HTML5 UI.   Bravo Eve!  We won 3rd Place!!  Our team kept the competition going into the next round.  Very Fun.  PlanetLab won FIRST PLACE in the 2nd round due to our weekly dedication!!

ReactJS, SparkAR, FB Msg BOT
technology. Created in 1.5 days.

The 1st Facebook Hackathon in Chicago focused on urban initiatives and breaking the bonds of poverty in Chicago's poorest neighborhoods where kids might only venture 1 block in any direction safely.  We partnered with 'my block my hood my city Chicago' to understand the core challenges faces by inner city families. Technologies utilized by our app set out to address the problem of generational poverty with SparkAR Instagram Filters, FB Messenger BOTS and ReactJS.   The concept of kids only SEEING trash laden, unkept lots & un-safe spaces is something our app tackled in our instagram-like filter that gamified beautifying inner city neighborhoods. 

Invests in future Engineers

🍃Tree Gives Back to developers by knowledge sharing

Google blogger
Tree knowledge shares technical details to promote quality hobby app development and a strong sense of community.   
                • maintenance required: minimal
                • cost: free.

4- 2016:  OAUG Las Vegas, NV
As a 2 time Conference Speaker 
Oracle Conference Speaker sharing technical knowledge about UI/ UX Oracle Mobile-"MAF" Mobile Application Framework skillset and ADF CSS.  Technology How-To Tips & Tricks @ 2 major Oracle User Group events -OAUG and ODTUG presenting for AST Corporation as a Sr Oracle Consultant.    

Legacy Builder: Focused on USA Family

iTreeware Gives Back by Inspiring the Next Generation.
At Innovate with Me!   students and teachers have access to a fully developed lesson plan centered around identifying each person's unique areas of natural giftedness. Aptitudes are natural strengths.  Innovate with Me targets (1) identifying natural strengths (2) vision casting to pull out innovative ideas students already have inside them!  

                • maintenance required: minimal
                • cost: free

iTreeware Gives Back to Family.

At 14 Days of Love   families are encouraged to take action and demonstrate FREE acts of Love.  For 14 days our homes can be full of small gestures of appreciation for one another- reducing stress and increasing joy.   

                • maintenance required: minimal
                •  cost: $12/yr.

Google blogger redirected 
to Google domain
At TreesTerps   families are encouraged to make their own chemical free products with wholesome, organic terpenes.  Theses small pivots can produce real positive results in your home.  Terpenes are isopenes that are formed in the natural world from botanicals- like pine, oranges, lilac, lemons. The scents that give you a burst of energy!  Or clove, black pepper, cardamon that reduce stress in the body in natural ways.  Increasing health naturally by learning to use these steam distilled terpenes in lip balm, stick lotion, soap, conditioner, and more!   

              • maintenance required: minimal
              •  cost: $12/yr.

🍃Tree Gives Back to the Planet.  

🍃Tree rejects common use of plastic and chemical ingredients that are not excellent for families.  Terpenes are the all natural botanical aroma molecules in scents we all know- peeling an orange, the smell of crushed pine needs, lilac, cinnamon and lavender.  With the power of scientific research we have learned Terpenes are the link between scent and how aroma makes our bodies feel.  Very Cool! 

As an early adopter of a completely new space- iTreeware is innovating on the edge of a new frontier with Terpene product creation.   #GameChanger!  

sustainable living has a distinctly anti-plastic flair and favors old-fashion simplicity from generations ago with a new twist- steam distilled botanical TERPENE scentology!  Be kind to the Planet and Embrace plant based products.  🍃Tree spearheaded a few DIY recipes to show you how.   The most amazing development is that terpenes come in isolate or designer profile combinations!

At TreetopRejuvenation  Movement, meditation, mindfulness & healing retreat.  Members sustain focus on inner connectedness and reflection.

The majority of our work together is done at our charming Treehouse in Dundee, Illinois, USA. 

                • maintenance required: minimal
                • cost: free.

Google blogger redirected 
to Google domain

At   old-fashion, healthy living tips are shared for generations to come. Eating Clean and Living Active meets Personal Centeredness and Public Responsibility.  Find Terpene recipes on our DIY channel for creating your very own chapstick, stick lotion, soap, conditioner, hand soap....Checkout  our TreesTerps DIY Video Channel   
                • maintenance required: minimal
                • cost: $12/yr.

Team Building that Inspires High Performing Teams in deeply technical dev shops!

 TeamBuilding for Geeks inspires engineers to dialogue, problem solve, trouble shoot and succeed together in the dynamic cohesive synergy of high performing teams!  Dev shops learn how to invest in team camaraderie which produces meaningful results in terms of cohesion and productivity.  Working with talented teams of professionals at the Q Center 🍃Tree has challenged teams from the US Military - Fortune 500 companies and University students over the last 8+ years.  Experiential activities, healthy stress like brain teasers & bikes bring groups of strangers together in ways even wouldn't expect!  She can do this for your team too!  Get your geeky dev team talking.  Email 🍃Tree for the quote on how/when to drive high performing synergy into your dev shop team. RESULTS!   It's all about the communication layer. This connect is best delivered by a fellow techie, like 🍃Tree.
                • maintenance required: minimal
                • cost: free

 iTreeware is open to an Investment Partner

Partner with 🍃Tree and build a brighter future under iTreeware

iTreeware Gives Back to American Ingenuity & Community Building. If you are interested in partnering with a true blue patriot like 🍃Tree please reach out to make a difference in America together.  

Monday, March 19, 2018


It is my opinion that  Hobbies are important to sustaining a passionate life.  I enjoy outdoor adventure, tennis, swimming and Alfred Hitchcock movies.  My husband of 24 years and I enjoy classic black and white movies with Hollywood stars like; Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman, Lauren Bacall, Audrey Hepburn(who we named our daughter after), Jimmy Stewart and Gregory Peck.  In addition to active hobbies- I am a technology hobbyist for fun.  As an artist I paint in the digital space advancing Simple Living concepts that are good for the planet and families alike.   Really- I do not have time for all this at once- I have to pick and choose how to spend my time.  It is all great stuff. 
  • Active Living
    • rock climbing
    • swimming/ diving
    • tennis
    • hiking
    • biking
    • jogging
    • body surfing
    • mindful walks taking in nature
    • travel
    • photography
    • 'levitate' dancing with David
    • trying to karaoke- but failing. 
    • lip syncing... sorta. 
    • trying to be a backyard model in my not so great fashion outfits- pick out the music

    • Self-Love 
      • meditating in the warm sunshine
      • Yoga
      • natural art therapy
      • artistic landscaping- a form of art... gardening.  
      • Responsible steward to 80 acre farm in NW suburbs of Chicago
        • building with local resources
        • repurposing farm materials
        • creating natural art. 
          • hard resin jewelry/ cutting boards/ tables?
          • can I create bark wind chimes? 

      The iTreeware Group is sewn together with stubborn fortitude in the technical space of Chicago where inspiration comes from  a combination of  'the bees',  Jazz, NPR, WMBI, NASB,  Public Television and others...

      Always Reach Higher

      Check out-  BobParsons   I'm inspired by him- he's acting on his ideas in a lot of different sectors.  Very cool