Monday, March 19, 2018


It is my opinion that  Hobbies are important to sustaining a passionate life.  I enjoy outdoor adventure, tennis, swimming and Alfred Hitchcock movies.  My husband of 24 years and I enjoy classic black and white movies with Hollywood stars like; Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman, Lauren Bacall, Audrey Hepburn(who we named our daughter after), Jimmy Stewart and Gregory Peck.  In addition to active hobbies- I am a technology hobbyist for fun.  As an artist I paint in the digital space advancing Simple Living concepts that are good for the planet and families alike.   Really- I do not have time for all this at once- I have to pick and choose how to spend my time.  It is all great stuff. 
  • Active Living
    • rock climbing
    • swimming/ diving
    • tennis
    • hiking
    • biking
    • jogging
    • body surfing
    • mindful walks taking in nature
    • travel
    • photography
    • 'levitate' dancing with David
    • trying to karaoke- but failing. 
    • lip syncing... sorta. 
    • trying to be a backyard model in my not so great fashion outfits- pick out the music

    • Self-Love 
      • meditating in the warm sunshine
      • Yoga
      • natural art therapy
      • artistic landscaping- a form of art... gardening.  
      • Responsible steward to 80 acre farm in NW suburbs of Chicago
        • building with local resources
        • repurposing farm materials
        • creating natural art. 
          • hard resin jewelry/ cutting boards/ tables?
          • can I create bark wind chimes? 

      The iTreeware Group is sewn together with stubborn fortitude in the technical space of Chicago where inspiration comes from  a combination of  'the bees',  Jazz, NPR, WMBI, NASB,  Public Television and others...

      Always Reach Higher

      Check out-  BobParsons   I'm inspired by him- he's acting on his ideas in a lot of different sectors.  Very cool